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Why You Need a Steel Chastity Cage

Silicon and plastic chastity cages are perfect for caging your partner. However, a little bit of weight with steel chastity can also serve the same purpose. You could be looking for something different or distinct. The steel chastity cage is kinkier, and it is worth the trial. It is available in various sizes and designs. You can measure yourself to make sure you get your proper fitting.

The stainless steel device comes in different models like HoD Steel Bird Cage, HoD300 Steel, Steel HoD PC1, and many others. These designs are in different colors as well. We are going to discuss a few questions raised on the steel chastity cage.

Why you need a steel chastity cage?

Unlike the silicone and hard plastic chastity cages, the stainless steel chastity cage has some weight that makes it perfect for getting you in a suitable submissive space. You cannot ignore the pressure, even if you are experimenting with chastity.

How to use a steel chastity cage ?

It has two cock rings. You need to put your penis and balls through the cock ring and ensure that it is up at the top and goes up against the body. Use a thin sock and put over the penis, and thread it through the penis cage. Once it is inside, pull out the thin sock and off the penis, and the penis will get in all the way. Put the padlock, lock it, and give the key to the key holder.

How to sanitize and clean stainless steel chastity cage?

Hygiene is essential to protect your penis from different infections. Ensure that you regularly clean your device with alcohol or antibacterial. Too much cleaning is not good as it can spoil it. You can open it to clean properly at least twice per week and remove any built-up dirty from the cage. Avoid boiling the chastity device as it can get spoilt since the material is quite soft. Sterilizing your device is good as it will keep it well maintained.

How to secure a steel chastity cage?

To guard your device against hackers, you can remove the app on your phone and replace it with an updated version. If you cannot do this, you can break the cellmate cap to disable any form of access.

Which metal chastity cage should I buy?

The stainless steel chastity cages are designed in different sizes depending on your size.

How to remove metal chastity cage without a key?

A man can't remove a steel chastity cage without help. It is therefore wise to keep two sets of keys, giving the spare key to a relative. It is a common disadvantage because he cannot remove it in case of emergency or an accident.

In conclusion, steel chastity devices are considered the best as they last long, and you can thoroughly sterilize them. It gets rid of all pathogens and other hidden dirt. The steel devices make the man feel emasculated, unlike the plastic ones. It is advisable to start with plastic ones and then get used to the steel chastity devices. Ensure that if your man is a frequent traveler to use the plastic device.