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A chastity cage is a lock used to lock your penis to prevent any form of sexual activities and erections. It has to be well fitted. Silicon Chastity cage is recommended for those starting to practice male chastity. These kits are made of very soft material that is not safe, like plastic chastity cages or metal chastity cages. However, they are fun to have as you can play with them in the bedroom in private chastity play sessions. Below are some questions that many people practicing chastity could be asking:
Why you need a silicone chastity cage?
These cages are made of silicone and ABS safe, odorless, and nonpoisonous. The enclosure is portable, elastic, and soft, and it is comfortable to use. They come in different sizes of cock rings for men to choose their size. The cage has an exquisite design of air ents on both sides, hence making it more comfortable and clean to wear. The silicone cages are updated regularly and are of good quality and, therefore, very reliable.
How to put on a silicone chastity cage?
It would be best if you were extra careful when using the chastity cage to enhance foreplay in your relationship or marriage. Ensure you always use it healthily, keeping it clean. There are simple steps that you can follow below: 1.Before putting in a cage, clean up both the penis and the cage. 2. Ensure that your penis is ready for the cage. 3.While putting in a cage, it is normal for the man to erect. Don't wait until the penis is hard, as it is a challenge to put the cage on the penis. You can softly keep trying, but it isn't easy. You can use ice cubes to help the penis to calm down. 4.Lubricate the penis to make it easier to put the cage. The main enclosure of the cell fits quite easily on the flaccid penis, but it's advisable to use some lubricant. 5. Use some lubricant while putting on the cage. If it's hard but the ring over the balls, add a little bit of lube, and by now, it should slide over the penis.
How to wear a silicone chastity cage for a long time?
While wearing a cock cage for a long time, you need to think about chaffing. Why moving around the cage? Part of it rubs the skin, which can lead to irritation. Ensure you always keep an eye on the chastity device and the penis and lubricate where needed. Measuring the irritating part is very important. Make sure that you check on the cage weight while wearing it. If your cage is too big, avoid having and putting it for a long time, the skin will stretch or even cause pain in the areas rubbed. Make sure you clean your chastity device and penis after removing them at least every two weeks. In summation, the chastity device remains a special and the only sensual toy of current times. A person wearing chastity will not always be aroused or experience orgasm. Chastity devices are meant for those who cannot control themselves. There are different varieties of Silicone Chasity cages, like luminous pink or a subtle clear HoD600. You can wear this to the office.
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