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Male Chastity Cage

A chastity cage is a device that is fit on a male genital to prevent him from engaging in any sexual activities or even get an erection. It is made from metal or plastic material. When you are locked in a chastity cage, you become powerless, and you are accountable to the key holder. The keyholder could be your wife or a girlfriend. You need to obey the agreement between you and the key holder. You kind of become a slave to the one holding the key as you cannot have any sexual activities without her consent. To consent to using a male chastity cage, it is a sign of loyalty and true love. We are going to explore and discuss why is a male chastity cage important to the party involved.

Importance of using a male chastity cage:

Fidelity: It is a sign of reminding the man that his penis is not his own but belongs to his spouse. He should not use his penis for pleasure with others but can only enjoy or have fun with his spouse alone. Using the cage be mutually agreed upon between the couple, and it is very fulfilling and promotes the growth of their relationship.

Religion: This could be another reason why one chooses to use a male chastity cage. For instance, a catholic priest dedicates his life to serve God and has taken vows not to engage in sexual activities. It will help you as a priest or a religious person to keep your vows and be faithful to yourself and God as it is hard to engage in sexual activities.

Focus on Goals: You could be a teenage student who desires to focus on your career goals and not engage in any relationships leading to sexual activities. The male chastity cage is the best option to help you focus on your goals. You can have a close friend who you become accountable for holding your chastity cage key.

Prevents Masturbation in men: Since the man’s sexual needs are directed only towards the wife, his energy should be pleasurable. As a key holder (wife), you should ensure that you satisfy his needs and not use that energy in masturbating.

How to put a chastity cage on your husband:

You may be wondering how to go about putting a chastity cage on your husband. The best thing is not to force him into it. Humbly express your needs and let him know that it turns you on. If he agrees to it, then it’s good to go. The worst thing is to force an adult to do something against his will. You can choose to google online together before making a decision.

Some benefits come as a result of using a male chastity cage, which are;

Increased Intimacy: The most noticeable one is that intimacy between couples becomes solid and excellent. There is a more excellent sex drive, and submissive dominates the couples’ lives. It becomes a perfect tool to surrender to one another.

The couples become open to each other as they can discuss their sexual needs without fear. Hence, their love life is strengthened, and natural bonding continues to improve. Irrespective of men loving their wives, they tend to get carried or attracted to other appealing or attractive women. However, this device does hinder the urge from within and practice to be faithful to their spouse.

Satisfying sex life:
People who have practiced using a sex cage tend to have an improved intimacy. It is because your husband will make love to you until he releases himself. It becomes challenging for your man to cheat on you with others.

The chastity cage also transforms your sex life by creating intense sexual pleasure. The pleasure comes as a result of your partner having total control over you. You can only enjoy intimacy with your key holder.

In summation, a lot of romance makes your relationship strong. Having the cage device makes the man long for his wife. Romance is increased as he seeks to be intimate with you. Your love life continues to be fresher like you are starting to date.

Since a man is always a slave to his libido, he will find a way to release himself fully on his wife. Orgasm becomes more improved as he practices ejaculating normally and does not masturbate. For a more substantial, intimate, and lasting relationship, it is worth using this chastity device. It will make your partner express her domination as they tease you. You will also have intense sexual release and increased sex drive.